Is Bookkeeping Really That Important?

Without bookkeeping, a business owner will be lost. If your books are a mess, then lenders won’t lend to you because they can’t get a good picture of your organization’s current financial records or past performance. With poor records, you can’t analyze your spending. If the books are not kept in good shape, then the tax bill can be huge. After all, the IRS isn’t exactly known for its understanding nature. Filing taxes becomes a huge undertaking when you have to manually hunt down every receipt. Improperly kept books means that the accounts payable and accounts receivable reports will be a mess. If payments received from customers and payments made to vendors are not tracked properly, it can result in late fees and even termination of contracts.

Yes, bookkeeping is really important. Detailed financial records allow businesses to see what is working and what is not so that they can decide to move forward. Bookkeeping helps provide insight into operations like expense practices. Digitization makes tax season a much less frightening and stressful time. With good bookkeeping, the detailed records are readily accessible to you and your tax accountant during tax season. Bookkeeping allows you to keep track of all your operations and makes sure each player is appropriately rewarded for their hard work. Good bookkeeping saves time, money and stress to the business owner and adds value to the business.

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