About Us

What We Do:

Every Penny Accounts is a professional bookkeeping firm that offers bookkeeping services to small and medium sized businesses nationwide. Our goal is to provide high quality bookkeeping services to all of our clients. We handle the day-to-day bookkeeping for your business and also ensure that your year-end books are meticulously prepared for your accountant or tax preparer.

Who We Serve:

Small to medium sized businesses, all across the United States. From “one-person working from home” to an insurance office to an auto repair shop to everything in between, we’ll handle your books and ensure that everything is perfect and the numbers are right.

Why Every Penny Accounts:

To start, we’re an exceptional bookkeeping service. We offer an array of bookkeeping services that are perfectly suited for almost any sized business – some smaller businesses just need basic bookkeeping; others might need more complex solutions, like payroll and similar. And still others just might need a little help with QuickBooks – we can work with all of these businesses and get them exactly what they need.

We work remotely. We’re your “virtual bookkeeper”, although this is not a term we like to use because we’re as “real” as it gets. It’s just instead of you schlepping boxes of papers to us, you’ll e-mail the information to us (we’ll help you if needed). It’s all very simple and elegant in practice – once you see how well we can handle your books. We’d be happy to discuss any bookkeeping solutions with you. If the client is a local business, we are willing to meet him in person for initial meeting, but all bookkeeping work is performed remotely. We can also conduct initial meeting via Skype or Zoom for businesses which are not local. Just click here to schedule a free consultation.

About Our Team:

Thank you for coming to the Every Penny Accounts website and taking the time to learn a little about our company. The above sections have given you a good idea of what our company does. Now let us tell you a little about our staff members who are running the show.

Manjit Sahai, President: During her years as a bookkeeper, Manjit worked as a staff accountant and full-charge bookkeeper for a variety of companies, across several different industries. They were a mixture of small and mid-size businesses. For small businesses, she handled everything, and became quite adept at “small business bookkeeping”. And our accountants couldn’t be more pleased at year end.

Manjit has over 25+ years experience as a staff accountant and a full-charge bookkeeper. She has a Diploma in Accounting and Bookkeeping from CETA Training Center, Los Angeles, CA. When the opportunity arose, she decided to hang her shingles and started Every Penny Accounts. Her vision was to help small and mid-size businesses who are unable to afford in-house bookkeeping staff, but are willing to outsource their bookkeeping needs. Manjit has become quite adept with technology and now sees that she can work for anyone, anywhere.

Amar Sahai, Accounting Manager:  Amar joined EPA’s parent company in 2013 right after graduating from college in 2013. He has worked in various positions such as Contracts Manager and Accounting Manager. Amar has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from George Mason University with a minor in Business. He also took various college level accounting courses during his college years. Amar is Quick Books Certified ProAdvisor, both in Desktop and Online and is extremely adept with technology.